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7 Muscle-building Strategies For Guys

WebMD Feature Archive Reviewed by Louise workouts Chang, MD If you're looking for quick muscle building, go no further than your local gym, where doctors say that major strength gains can be had in just a few weeks. Last year, the American (visit) College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Heart Association updated their recommendations for physical activity . In addition to regular cardio workouts, Americans are now being encouraged to perform resistance training at least twice a week, working every major muscle group. Recommended Related to Men Dont Be a Home Improvement Disaster You walk into Home Depot or Lowe's to pick up a lightbulb. Instead, you leave workout with some new flooring, a circular saw, a framing square, and big ideas about re-tiling your kitchen. The problem?
More http://men.webmd.com/features/7-muscle-building-strategies-for-guys

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