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Winter Workout Clothes That Won?t Make You Look Like A Snowman

earwarmer Snowmen suck at working out. Being snuggled up in chunky layers is one thing if youre just trying to go from point A to point B however you can, but if youre going to be working out and sweating, you cannot be swaddled in cumbersome garments. We found some winter workout essentials that wont make you look like a snowman: Ear Warmer Headband- A hat could be overkill if youre going out running and your head read sweats, but a ear-warming headband will keep delicate ears and chilly heads cozy while keeping your hair out of your face. $22 via Nordstrom GapFit Breathe Thin Stripe Tee- This thin top will help keep you warm and keep you from overheating, The best part: thumbholes. Youll feel warmer, but youll also be reminded of your angstier days when you used to bore thumbholes into all your sweaters. In general. you want to look for a breathable long sleeve workout tee that will keep you warm when youre not working out, and keep you cool when you are.
Full story: http://www.blisstree.com/2013/12/16/fitness/winter-workout-clothes-wont-make-look-like-snowman/

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