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Elite Body Squad's Range Of Weight Lifting Straps Give Workouts A New Dimension

However new gym and visit the website fitness accessory supplier, Elite Body Squad have created an effective work around for the http://kristasnockplace.beeplog.com/blog.pl?blogid=292168&year=2013&month=11 problem by designing weight lifting straps that are durable and long enough to be effective, but also with the addition of neoprene padding they are very comfortable to use. Company CEO Jago Holmes says "We saw that there was a lot of demand for everyday lifting straps, but being a keen weight trainer myself and using these kinds of things on an everyday basis, I knew how uncomfortable they were to use." He continues "What many people find is that cotton lifting straps do work and are very effective at helping you to lift more by improving grip strength thereby allowing a user to lift more weight and become stronger, but the biggest fault with straps is that they dig in to the wrists and can be very painful especially when lifting heavier weights. We wanted to develop a solution to this problem and did this by adding strategically placed neoprene padding to the back of the wrist area where the weight lifting straps dig in the most. Now there is a solution to weak forearms that works effectively but also a very comfortable alternative to the non padded version. Our padded straps are the third product in our weight lifting range and we are very excited about the launch on Amazon next week. We decided to run a product launch and offer a 20% discount for our promotional week to encourage people to try our new and innovative design." Gym accessories like these can be a great benefit to many seasoned trainers as it adds a new dimension to workouts and it's great to see an up and coming fitness company like Elite Body Squad leading the line with their fantastic range of products. Elite Body Squad is a new and exciting supplier of gym and fitness accessories and their new range of padded weight lifting straps is clever new twist on an old favorite and should enhance the company's image and reputation still further to its increasing army of happy customers.
Full story: http://www.emailwire.com/release/140924-Elite-Body-Squads-Range-Of-Weight-Lifting-Straps-Give-Workouts-A-New-Dimension.html

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