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May 11 2014


Think About Your Last Workout To Get Motivated For Your Next Workout

The research, from the University of New Hampshire, asked Max Workouts review participants to recall a memory of themselves exercising. Some were asked to recall a good memory, while others were asked to recall a bad memory. What the researchers found was that participants who thought about a positive memory were more inclined to exercise again, but even the participants who thought about a negative memory were more inclined to exercise than the control group, who was given no instruction of recalling memories. It could be beneficial for you to simply recall your last workout, even if you workouts hated it. It's about finding that motivation to get back out there and give it your view site... best. Exercise is physical, but it's really about mind over matter.
More http://lifehacker.com/think-about-your-last-workout-to-get-motivated-for-your-1574223215

March 25 2014


Exercise And Aging

Exercise reduces fatigue, so sitting around to preserve strength is not effective. Exercise improves strength and energy levels, so sitting on the sideline to preserve your strength is counterproductive and could lead to serious medical problems. The "Report on Physical Activity and Health" from the U.S. Surgeon General's office noted that men and women who are inactive are almost twice as likely to develop heart disease as those who are more active. While getting adequate rest and giving your body ample time recover from physical activity workout is essential, your body won't benefit by avoiding exercise to preserve your strength. However, even moderate physical activity performed on a regular basis can reduce fatigue. No one is too old to exercise. It's not uncommon for men and women in their golden years to think they are too old to exercise. max workouts Some may feel that their toned down workouts cannot possibly be making much web site of an impact thanks to the physical limitations old age has put on their bodies, while others may think it's unwise for someone in their 70s or 80s to be physically active.
Read more: http://www.courierjournal.net/community/article_0a679a9a-b460-11e3-979d-001a4bcf887a.html

February 16 2014


7 Muscle-building Strategies For Guys

WebMD Feature Archive Reviewed by Louise workouts Chang, MD If you're looking for quick muscle building, go no further than your local gym, where doctors say that major strength gains can be had in just a few weeks. Last year, the American (visit) College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Heart Association updated their recommendations for physical activity . In addition to regular cardio workouts, Americans are now being encouraged to perform resistance training at least twice a week, working every major muscle group. Recommended Related to Men Dont Be a Home Improvement Disaster You walk into Home Depot or Lowe's to pick up a lightbulb. Instead, you leave workout with some new flooring, a circular saw, a framing square, and big ideas about re-tiling your kitchen. The problem?
More http://men.webmd.com/features/7-muscle-building-strategies-for-guys

January 31 2014


My Weight Loss Story: Portion Control Drops Pounds

For example, http://itera-rnd.com/tag/the-jbss/ I haven't eaten frozen dinners. It took me two years Max Workouts to achieve my initial goal, which was 200 pounds, but I still maintain the practice. I eventually reached 175 pounds, which my doctor claims is an ideal weight for a person my age. When I lost the first 10 pounds, I was amazed at the difference it made. I have 10-pound dumbbells that I exercise with and they seem heavy when I am exercising. Losing 50 pounds made an incredible difference. Try lifting 50 pounds when you get out of a chair and you'll see what I mean.
Source: http://www.mercurynews.com/health/ci_25030428/my-weight-loss-story-portion-control-drops-pounds

January 21 2014


Denver?s Fox Won?t Get Involved In Belichick?s Accusations Of Welker

Fox refused to take the bait. I havent even seen the tape and I havent seen his comment, so I dont feel that I can comment on that, other than that I know that Wes Welker is a great player, high fitness integrity, Fox said. muscle building I can say that we were not doing anything with intent. Thats the only comment I have. Early Monday, Belichick called Wes Welkers collision with New England cornerback Aqib Talib in Sundays AFC Championship Game one of the worst plays Ive seen. Welker was a star receiver for the Patriots before coming to Denver this season. Belichick delivered his unsolicited comments about one minute into his news conference at Gillette Stadium, the morning after the Broncos beat the Patriots 26-16 at workouts Sports Authority Field. The Broncos advanced to the Super Bowl against the Seahawks on Feb. 2 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.
Source: http://seattletimes.com/html/seahawks/2022716498_denver21xml.html

January 11 2014


Alleged Phony Doctor Faces Victims In Court

PHOTO: Keith Barton is on trial for posing as a fake doctor, Jan. 10, 2014, in San Diego. "I handle everything from top to bottom," Barton said in the video. "I'm a specialist. I'm a cancer specialist. I'm an HIV specialist." The video was recorded by an investigator from the Medical Board of California who was impersonating a patient. She was told by Barton that his treatment, which cost an initial $8,760, would "cure my company her cancer," according to ABC News affiliate KGTV in San Diego . "By posing as a doctor and charging thousands of dollars for a phony cure, this defendant fitness showed callous disregard for his victims and the medical field," San Diego district attorney Bonnie Dumanis said in a statement when Barton was arrested last year. The husband of one patient testified that his wife was left disfigured by treatment Barton recommended after they took "a lot of bone from her jaw" and performed multiple dental implants, according to KGTV.
More: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/alleged-phony-doctor-faces-victims-court/story?id=21486777

January 10 2014


7 Ways To Keep Alcohol From Wrecking Your Diet

http://arisbe.org/tag/the-jbss/ width='200px' alt='Drinks with the girls can lead to poor food choices, but there are ways to combat diet disaster.' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Health.com: 27 mistakes healthy people make Prevent mindless munching If you're at a bar with free happy hour apps, or one that serves up goodies, like popcorn or nuts, turn your back on the free fare, or place them out of arm's reach. Research shows you'll mindlessly munch if food is right in front of you, without even realizing it, and even if you aren't hungry. But if it's http://thaistrongsciencecu.com/this-particular-exercise-routine-is-actually-will-make-a-number-of-a-person/ out of sight, you're much less likely to seek it out. Pre-plan your post-drink meal Alcohol can indeed act as an appetite stimulant. And we all know it lowers inhibitions. So if you don't want to give in workout to eating things you wouldn't touch if you were sober, create a pre-drinking strategy. Stash something in your bag, like an all-natural energy bar, so you won't grab a greasy slice of pizza. Or scope out restaurants nearby where you're going out, so if your friends want to grab a bite, you can suggest a spot where you know you can order a healthier option.
Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/09/health/alcohol-diet-tips/index.html

January 07 2014


Body Building Gain Mass Quickly - Body Diet Supplement

The body building gain mass muscle supplements which contain the protein that we require are determined even further. Protein quality must be determined, and this is done making use of an approach developed by the Food and Agricultural Company. The amino acid profile of the protein is compared with the essential amino acids that we need as humans. Those that carefully or exactly workout match exactly what we need as humans are thought about high http://readnewnews.blogspot.com/2013/10/max-workouts-reviewed-published-indepth.html quality proteins, while those that are doing not have are thought about to best site be lower quality proteins. Generally, it has long given that been determined that the very best proteins originate from low-fat dairy items, fish, lean meats, egg whites, and soy items. The opportunities are great that you can not take the time to prepare and consume these foods each day, in the quantities that you will need, which is where body building gain mass muscle supplements come in. Professionals advise supplementing your diet plan with protein powders, sports bars, or meal replacement beverages. These supplements are really hassle-free, and make it easy to figure out that you really are getting the right amount of protein, and the right protein in your diet plan. Prior to you start questioning which are the very best body structure gain mass muscle supplements on the market, go back and read over this information.
Full story http://www.pressbox.co.uk/detailed/Health/Body_Building_Gain_Mass_quickly_-_Body_Diet_supplement_1401945.html

December 19 2013


Winter Workout Clothes That Won?t Make You Look Like A Snowman

earwarmer Snowmen suck at working out. Being snuggled up in chunky layers is one thing if youre just trying to go from point A to point B however you can, but if youre going to be working out and sweating, you cannot be swaddled in cumbersome garments. We found some winter workout essentials that wont make you look like a snowman: Ear Warmer Headband- A hat could be overkill if youre going out running and your head read sweats, but a ear-warming headband will keep delicate ears and chilly heads cozy while keeping your hair out of your face. $22 via Nordstrom GapFit Breathe Thin Stripe Tee- This thin top will help keep you warm and keep you from overheating, The best part: thumbholes. Youll feel warmer, but youll also be reminded of your angstier days when you used to bore thumbholes into all your sweaters. In general. you want to look for a breathable long sleeve workout tee that will keep you warm when youre not working out, and keep you cool when you are.
Full story: http://www.blisstree.com/2013/12/16/fitness/winter-workout-clothes-wont-make-look-like-snowman/

December 10 2013


Get Your Body Beach Ready Now

Do 10 to 12 reps and two or three sets of each http://sugimotoweblog.beeplog.com/blog.pl?blogid=292170&from=21 move. Add in the cardio interval workouts on alternate days and follow a healthy diet, and you'll be ready to show off your beach body. The Strength Exercises are: 1. Bulgarian Split Squat with Stability Ball 2. 1 and 1/4 Push-Up their website 3. Back Extension on Stability Ball 4. 1 and 1/4 Medicine-Ball Pullover 5. Prone Torso Twist on Stability Ball 6.
Full story: http://www.iafrica.com/articles/890440.html

December 02 2013


Elite Body Squad's Range Of Weight Lifting Straps Give Workouts A New Dimension

However new gym and visit the website fitness accessory supplier, Elite Body Squad have created an effective work around for the http://kristasnockplace.beeplog.com/blog.pl?blogid=292168&year=2013&month=11 problem by designing weight lifting straps that are durable and long enough to be effective, but also with the addition of neoprene padding they are very comfortable to use. Company CEO Jago Holmes says "We saw that there was a lot of demand for everyday lifting straps, but being a keen weight trainer myself and using these kinds of things on an everyday basis, I knew how uncomfortable they were to use." He continues "What many people find is that cotton lifting straps do work and are very effective at helping you to lift more by improving grip strength thereby allowing a user to lift more weight and become stronger, but the biggest fault with straps is that they dig in to the wrists and can be very painful especially when lifting heavier weights. We wanted to develop a solution to this problem and did this by adding strategically placed neoprene padding to the back of the wrist area where the weight lifting straps dig in the most. Now there is a solution to weak forearms that works effectively but also a very comfortable alternative to the non padded version. Our padded straps are the third product in our weight lifting range and we are very excited about the launch on Amazon next week. We decided to run a product launch and offer a 20% discount for our promotional week to encourage people to try our new and innovative design." Gym accessories like these can be a great benefit to many seasoned trainers as it adds a new dimension to workouts and it's great to see an up and coming fitness company like Elite Body Squad leading the line with their fantastic range of products. Elite Body Squad is a new and exciting supplier of gym and fitness accessories and their new range of padded weight lifting straps is clever new twist on an old favorite and should enhance the company's image and reputation still further to its increasing army of happy customers.
Full story: http://www.emailwire.com/release/140924-Elite-Body-Squads-Range-Of-Weight-Lifting-Straps-Give-Workouts-A-New-Dimension.html

November 19 2013


Huffpost Workouts: A Hot, Hot Playlist For Cold-weather Workouts

site web src='http://runreviews.com/info/treadmill-workouts-infographic.jpg' width='400px' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> It's tempting to settle into living room DVD hibernation mode, no matter how much I remind myself about the benefits of exercising outside . Naturally, aside from a warm pair of gloves, it takes some pretty motivating music to get me out the door -- and maybe a little delusional dreaming visualization that I'm actually somewhere warm. So pop in some earbuds and listen to these warm tunes. Maybe, just maybe, we can will the cold away. Canned Heat -- Jamiroquai Ice Box, DJ Nabs Remix feat. Da Brat -- Omarion Hot N Cold -- Katy Perry Burn -- Ellie Goulding
Full story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sarah-klein/huffpost-workouts-cold-weather-playlist_b_4235064.html

November 17 2013


Meet The Woman Who Lost 117lbs And 42% Of Her Body Fat Thanks To Twice-a-day Workouts And Six High-protein Meals A Day

Christine Hodges Before: Christine 'CC' Hodges from Eagan, Minnesota, weighed 239lbs in February 2012. Today, the 28-year-old is 117lbs lighter and has shed 42% of her body fat After: She joined a gym, modified her diet and lost the first 60lbs, then the single mother enrolled in a national 90-day lifestyle challenge which saw her working out twice a day and ultimately winning the competition As the winner of the challenge, triumphing over 10,000 other contestants, Ms Hodges won a $10,000 prize, but she workouts was rewarded in a more profound way as well. 'I began to web link live life the way it is to be lived, with intention, with meaning, with the ability to empower . .
Full story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2507249/Meet-Christine-CC-Hodges-shed-117LBS-42-body-fat.html

November 12 2013


Amber Portwood's 'teen Mom' Costar Farrah Abraham Blames Ex Gary Shirley For Jail Time

blog url

Farrah Abraham Makes a Bold Accusation

One of her castmates, Farrah Abraham, who has had her own run-ins with the law, tells RadarOnline that she thinks Portwood's imprisonment is all the fault of Gary Shirley, Portwood's ex and father of her 4-year-old daughter, Leah. "I'm happy Amber is out of jail. She never deserved to be in jail," Abraham tells Radar. "Gary antagonized Amber while she was also dealing with stress and handling her bipolar disorder." Although Portwood was imprisoned on drug charges, her first encounter with the law came after she was arrested for domestic violence after a physical fight with Shirley was captured by MTV cameras and aired nationwide.
More http://blog.zap2it.com/pop2it/2013/11/amber-portwoods-teen-mom-costar-farrah-abraham-blames-ex-gary-shirley-for-jail-time.html

Even though she supports Portwood, she is not too fond of Portwoods ex, Gary Shirley. According to a Nov. 11 report , Farrah Abraham is speaking out about Amber Portwoods prison sentence and is placing the blame solely on Gary Shirley. Radar Online reports front page that Farrah Abraham said: Im happy Amber is out if jail, she never deserved to be in jail.
More http://www.examiner.com/article/farrah-abraham-blames-gary-shirley-for-amber-portwood-s-troubles

?Teen Mom? Farrah Abraham blames Gary Shirley for Amber Portwood problems

Austin I hope Amber can now stay Farrah Abraham away from the pressures of the media and focus on her new, healthier beginning at life. I hope Leah (her daughter) can have a loving mother and daughter relationship, the Teen Mom said. Meanwhile, another Teen Mom is wishing Amber the best. Kailyn Lowry is also on Portwoods side. Amber is actually the only one from the Teen Mom franchise that Kailyn has never met, a friend of Kails revealed.
More http://www.examiner.com/article/teen-mom-farrah-abraham-blames-gary-shirley-for-amber-portwood-problems

Farrah Abraham blames Gary Shirley for Amber Portwood's troubles

Pawn Star married :)" Photo: j_evans8209 Instagram 'Teen Mom' Twitpics and Instagrams "Peace dude. #JaceVahn" 'Teen Mom' Twitpics and Instagrams "Having a family lunch. :)" 'Teen Mom' Twitpics and Instagrams "Yes we r nuts but you know u love us lol #calilife" Photo: Farrah catelynnmtv Instagram 'Teen Mom' Twitpics and Instagrams 'Teen Mom' Twitpics and Instagrams "Flav @tylerbaltierramtv and I love you so much!! u are the dopiest man I've ever meet! Can't wait to see u again!!" Photo: catelynnmtv Instagram 'Teen Mom' Twitpics and Instagrams "Missing her today...She will always have my heart #Carly" Photo: tylerbaltierramtv Instagram 'Teen Mom' Twitpics and Instagrams "All of my babies!
More http://www.cambio.com/2013/11/11/farrah-abraham-makes-a-bold-accusation/

November 10 2013


Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Take Baby North West On A Family Outing - First Adorable Pictures

Kris Jenner Talks Kim Kardashian's Sexy Selfie, Kanye West's Proposal & Her Relationship With Bruce

with Kanye it's a different dynamic." Kim has shed 50lbs since becoming a mum X17online.com After the holiday, the pair will no doubt be getting on with their wedding plans, reportedly millionaire Kanye is planning to have Victoria Beckham design the bridesmaids dresses for Kim's four sisters. Kanye's overwhelming stadium proposal for the curvy reality star was only a small teaser for the main event, it's reported. Hes driving Kim crazy. Kanyes micro-management of every detail from the venue to food, to entertainment even the dress, will turn her dream day into a Fellini-esque nightmare," a source told OK! USA.
Full story: http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/kim-kardashian-pictured-north-west-2712056

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Weight Loss By Exposing Midriff, Cleavage in New Instagram Shot

Friday, Nov. 8, 2013 Kim Kardashian Addresses Illuminati Rumors Related RumorFix.com Kim Kardashian is finally addressing those nasty Illuminati rumors! Kim wished her friend Brittny Gastineau a happy birthday on Wednesday via a a photo collage she made on Instagram, in which some fans thought represented an Iluminati symbol. Happy Birthday to my best friend Weve shared soooo many memories over the past years!
Full story: http://www.ajc.com/feed/entertainment/kim-kardashian-addresses-illuminati-rumors/fWR9x/

<a href=Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spending some vacation time in Santa Barbara' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> "I thought that was a beautiful shot and I think that what she's saying is she got so much flack for gaining weight while she was pregnantwhen I was pregnant I gained a lot of weightand it hurts when somebody says something ugly to you when you're carrying a baby and that's just how your body does it," Kris said. "So for her to have done that and lost all that weight, she looks like my baby. She lost a lot of weight and she's looking good so I'm proud of her." PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian's post-pregnancy style Twitter Next, of course, was the blowout proposal to Kim from her beau Kanye West . Kris was the only person who knew what was going down, since the rapper asked for her persmission before getting down on one knee.
Full story: http://www.eonline.com/news/478848/kris-jenner-talks-kim-kardashian-s-sexy-selfie-kanye-west-s-proposal-her-relationship-with-bruce

Kim Kardashian Addresses Illuminati Rumors

Kardashian_Facts_Fan_Site_Releases_Information_on_Kim_Kardashian?s_Net_Worth'>Kardashian.jpg' width='500px' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Kim Kardashian has no problem showing up her stunning new physique after giving birth to daughter North West just four months ago. The reality star, who was criticized for weight gain throughout her pregnancy, has been flaunting her trim figure all over social media. PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian

October 28 2013


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